NDT Manufacture & Testing

Non-destructive testing qualifications

  • PCN Level II Dye Penetrant Flaw Detection
  • PCN Level II Magnetic Particle Flaw Detection
  • PCN Level II Ultrasonic Flaw Detection

We offer an in-house testing service along with going out on site for testing and inspection.

CNTL manufacture and stock calibration standards used for verification of non-destructive testing processes and plant -
Ultrasonic, Eddy Current & Magentic particle.

  • V1 (A2) Calibration Blocks
  • IOW (A5) Calibration Blocks
  • V2 (A4) Calibration Blocks
  • Stepwedges - standard sizes in stock, others made to customer requirements
  • ASME Blocks | DAC Blocks 
    ​Manufactured in Titanium, Nickel based alloys






NDT Manufacture & Testing

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